Thursday, 4 August 2011

Why we like Simon Hopkinson

Okay okay we're not enamoured. We're not camping outside his old London restaurant looking to lick his spoons clean. But we like to read his books and follow his recipes. And he was on the telly and that was enough excuse.

  This month's menu looks very dull and pedestrian but is anything but. We have appetisers of classic prawn cocktail with real marie rose sauce. Plus the old hopper's signature dish of steak au poivre. We're working with Severn and Wye Smokery to bring you the finest and freshest anchovies to garland the Salad Niçoise. And the roast chicken is...blimey.

   I'm going to start talking in clichés hear so I'm apologising now...sorry. When was the last time you ate roast chicken that really tasted of chicken? And that was moist and tender even in breast. We've sourced what is, by the professional opinion of Heston Blumenthal and Gordon Ramsay, the best chicken in the country. This is a slow-rearing bird raised in a big field where it can eat a variety of grasses, worms and herbs. The bird has a good old exercise in its long (in broiler terms) life and this is reflected in its amazing flavour. I, Frank, will be brining these beautiful birds to ensure they are exceptionally and exquisitely juicy. I can't wait. We are, of course going to be offering a vegetarian option; courtesy of SH's book of the same name.

  The dessert has been a bit of a debate. Heidi is of the opinion that very little accompaniment is required to a nice sticky toffee pud. I would personally like mine with a homemade apricot ice cream. We shall see.

  Speaking of seeing, we hope to be seeing lots of peeps at this month's adoration of the abluted and anointed poultry. Enjoy.

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