Friday, 26 August 2011

The September Supper Club 'The Rib'

Something like this. Note the dark colour and marbling.
    The September event was inspired by a conversation I (Frank) had with Duncan of Le Gourmet Butchers in Monmouth. I was buying fillet when I thought to ask him about hanging a bit of meat for a few days extra. Duncan was quite happy to do so but said that fillet was unsuitable as it had no bone and fat to protect it. Staring at me as he said this was a very sexy rib of beef. Could he hang that a bit longer? Certainly. But it would lose moisture (and therefore value) and attain a nutty, stiltonesque flavour. Perfect thought I, and we agreed that I'd buy the meat after its statutory fortnight and Duncan would hook it up a further two weeks. So that is the plan.

  I may experiment a little. Cowshill Farm, just up the road from Coleford where we live, raise the rare breed of Old Gloucester. There is also Slad Farm who do a tasty bovine, or Frith Dexters who do the miniature Irish variety. I simply adore beef and when such a beautiful (okay, maybe that's a little perverse but many share my aesthetic values) cut as fore rib is on the menu I want to do it some serious justice. Brining, a blast in the gas oven then a slow, slow cook in the Rayburn should ensure our heifer died not in vain.

  I'm also excited about the starter. The porky bits are coming from the champion artisan charcutier Graham Waddington of whom we cannot speak highly enough. Be sure to google 'Native Breeds, Lydney' or visit Taurus Arts and Crafts.

  For the vegetarians, should you not be put off by such orgiastic delight in flesh, I'm working on something modern and oriental that should be delicious. Watch this space. Everyone else just book yourselves in!

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