Thursday, 26 July 2012

Rodborough Supper Club is Back!

Ooh Cranachan!

After a successful eight months of child-rearing, we're getting back on the a big way. So it is with great excitement that we're announcing new date s and new venues starting on the 17th August in the drawing room of Highcroft, in Rodborough.

 Frank is going to be cooking at Global Feast in London on monday 30th July (details here) and will be cooking a glorious menu of East European cuisine. Enjoy the delights of sour cherry soup, Polish cheesecake, pierogi, golonka and (no I'm not making this up) ogl mogl. Or, if you can't make it to the metropolis, he will be cooking the same menu in Rodborough 17th August. 

 Another exciting announcement is our first child-friendly supper club to be held at the endowed schools opposite Highcroft (date to be confirmed, a sunday in August probably). Our first menu will be a cheap and simple burger and fries (or falafels and pitta) followed by knicker bocker glory. However, don't think we won't be bringing our own touches. Expect the best burger you've ever tasted.

 Finally, Frank is frothing at the mouth with anticipation of our quietly ambitious menu of complete decadence. In LONDON. On a barge! This will be intimate and wonderful and, honestly, very expensive. It will be worth every penny as foie gras with golden raisins, Iberico Bellota ham and Bresse chicken with perigord truffles all grace the glimmering menu. The dinner is on 24th August and spaces will be very limited.

  There is so much more we'd love to tell you about but we can only say, you'll want to book early.

  Tickets are going on sale today and discounts are available on early birds.

Heidi and Frank look forward to seeing you xxx