Monday, 6 June 2011

A lovely picture of Heidi and the table

The twin room conundrum

   The drawback of fitting 22 guests in a drawing room is that some make a squawking noise about not being able to move. Odd that.

  The argument this week has been what to do about it. The easy option is to limit numbers somewhat. Yet this would also limit the number of lucky people able to get a seat. My proposal, to have a kind of 'Chef's table' next to the kitchen where everyone eats without a table cloth and have to hang on to their plates, has not been met with rapture. 'People won't like being separated' is the point of contention.

  We don't know how true this is. Were people to treat it similar to a restaurant and booked a table for six, we'd be okay with that. But said half dozen peeps would not have the pleasure of meeting a banjo-playing tree surgeon or a former pimple-popper to Britt Ekland. The sixer would also hear first-hand perpetual bickering about canapĂ© presentation and whatnot.

  The debate may well be resolved on the night itself. In my mind at least. Everyone else decided what to do long ago.